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29 April, 2022

Weekly Update - Dip-buyers emerge late week to slow declines

Dip buyers powered the Canadian S&P/TSX and the U.S. S&P 500 higher on Thursday as strong user numbers drove Facebook-parent Meta Platforms Inc. to a 18% surge in New York....

22 April, 2022

Weekly Update - Canadian inflation spikes to 6.7%

Canadian inflation accelerated in March at a far greater rate than economists anticipated, with Statistics Canada’s consumer price index jumping 6.7% year-over-year, the highest since January 1991 and well above market expectations of 6.1%....

21 April, 2022

Another Volatile Quarter

In his Q1 market update, Wayne Gillespie offers his perspectives on a volatile quarter where inflation and concerns over Ukraine are influencing global markets....

14 April, 2022

Weekly Update - Bank of Canada hikes rates while markets continue slide

As widely expected, the Bank of Canada increased its policy rate by 50 basis points to 1.0% this week. The Bank notes that growth is strong and the economy is moving into excess demand. Here is our weekly market update....

13 April, 2022

The Point of Maximum Pain

In our outlook for 2022, we noted that the macroeconomic backdrop was becoming more challenging....

13 April, 2022

Our Perspective: Inflation, Ukraine, and the Drama of Investing

We as humans have a tendency to over rationalize the past, over dramatize the present and underestimate the future....

08 April, 2022

Canada’s Budget Highlights

The Federal Government released its new budget on April 7 - focused on incentives to make life more affordable....

08 April, 2022 Financial Planning Investment Services Portfolio Management Tax Planning Wealth Management

Weekly Update - Stock Markets Cool After Three-Week Upturn

Stock markets climbed over the last three weeks but wavered in recent days as bond yields surged and investors switched focus to increasingly hawkish central banks....

06 April, 2022

Who Will Win? – It’s Anybody’s Guess!

Diversification is the technique of allocating portfolio resources or capital to a mix of investments. The goal of diversification is to reduce the volatility of an investment portfolio by offsetting losses in one asset class with gains in another....

01 April, 2022

Weekly Update - Canada’s S&P/TSX leads global markets in Q1

The Canadian stock market continues to outperform its U.S. and global counterparts through the first three months of the year as the S&P/TSX finished up 3.8%, while the U.S. S&P 500 was off -5.6% and the MSCI World Index finished down -6.1%......

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