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25 February, 2022

Weekly Update - Russian Attack Roils Markets, Clouds Outlook

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused equity markets to drop and whipsaw with renewed volatility. European and North American stocks initially fell sharply on the news, followed by a somewhat surprising, albeit modest rebound....

18 February, 2022

Weekly Update - Russia-Ukraine, inflation and rate hikes worry markets

Investors, wary of any bad news, have been unable to maintain positive momentum in equity markets across the globe as geopolitical risks dominate headlines....

11 February, 2022

Weekly Update - Volatility as Inflation Marches Higher

Volatility is back as markets grapple with the trend in higher inflation, and cautious sentiment around how exactly central bank policy will respond....

08 February, 2022 Financial Planning

TFSA & RRSP 2022

Find out whether a TFSA or an RRSP or a combination of both are best for achieving your financial goals, taking into account your priorities....

04 February, 2022

Weekly Update - Markets swing sharply on Big Tech news

Big Tech companies dominated headlines in the markets this week and their outsized influence caused equity indices to swing sharply from a four-day winning streak to one of the biggest daily losses in the past year....

02 February, 2022

Market Chokes

To use a technical musical term used by guitar players, equity markets have choked; global equities are negative YTD, and U.S. stocks fell 10% from their highs (correction territory) last week. I realize that the volatility is uncomfortable for many....

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