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02 December, 2022

Weekly Update - TSX nears six-month high even as economy slows

Canadian employment numbers were little changed in November as the economy added a modest 10,000 jobs, reported Statistics Canada. The unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.1%. This is our weekly market update....

24 November, 2022

Weekly Update - Central Banks Seen Slowing Rates Increases, Markets Cheer

In a traditionally slow week on stock and bond markets as the U.S. celebrates its Thanksgiving, news from the influential U.S. central bank – the Federal Reserve (Fed) – about considering slowing interest rate increases was welcomed heartily....

27 October, 2022

Don't Fight The Fed

In his Q3 update, Wayne Gillespie provides his perspectives on another tough quarter for investors as aggressive central bank interest rate policies continue to weigh on the financial markets. “Diversification should remain a key part of an investor’s...

21 October, 2022

Rising Interest Rates: The Medicine That Works

In his Q3 update, Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, discusses how inflationary pressures and the associated fallout continue to cast a long shadow over global financial markets. To help get inflation back under control, central banks...

18 October, 2022

The World with Higher Interest Rates

Our outlook for the markets heading into 2023 The most aggressive monetary tightening cycle in decades has shaken global markets this year on concerns that central bank efforts to rein in inflation will end in a recession. Investors have cause to worry:...

15 September, 2022

The Realities of Investing

Investors tend to look at the positive long-term performance numbers of a selected portfolio believing its short-term performance will mirror the outcome. Investors make an unrealistic assumption if they think that the investments they hold will continuously...

26 July, 2022

Appointing an Executor: Who Will You Choose?

When appointing an executor for your estate, the person who first comes to mind won’t necessarily become your final choice....

21 July, 2022

A Rough First Half

In his mid-year update, Wayne Gillespie provides his perspectives on a tough period for investors as high inflation continues to weigh on global markets....

14 July, 2022

The Knock-On Effects of Inflation

In his Q2 update, Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, says while its natural for investors to anxious about inflation, with Central Banks taking aggressive action and demand beginning to slow, investors need to be rational and focus...

08 July, 2022

Slamming on the Brakes on Inflation

Persistent inflation pressures have prompted global central banks to accelerate their plans, and we now anticipate the most aggressive and synchronized global tightening cycle since the early 1980s....

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